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The healing time for earlobe piercings is dramatically different than for cartilage/body piercings. Basic ear piercings typically heal within 6 weeks, while other body piercings can take several months to heal and often stay tender for up to a year.  Piercings take patience and perseverance to heal and all types of ear piercings require vigilant aftercare.

We will only carry out 1 piercing at a time; this helps speed up the healing process. We advise waiting at least 3 weeks between each piercing.  With piercings such as a scaffold/industrial which require 2 needles you may need additional healing time.


All our prices include high quality, highly polished titanium jewellery as well as Aftercare Solution where applicable.


We use the highest grade titanium available which is a strong, lightweight metal that is excellent for body jewellery. It can be easily sterilised, has little to no nickel content and is the EU preferred material for a new piercing.


Where applicable, we provide a FREE bottle of Body Piercing Aftercare Solution which is a light natural oil that contains antiseptic, bacterial and natural anti-inflammatory properties.


We do not do Dermal Anchors, Microdermals Skin Divers or Septum piercing