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Caflon System (Earlobes)

Ear Piercing (Caflon System)


Caflon is the most recognized ear piercing system in the world and the ONLY system designed to meet all the requirements of the British Health Authority.

It utilizes advanced eco-friendly technology to create the safest ear piercing which complies with the European Nickel Directive 2004/96/EC.

We also provide a FREE bottle of Natural Solution which is a specially formulated lotion to care for your newly pierced ears.


The Caflon Gun is ONLY used on the ear lobes. All other piercings are carried out using disposable, single use needles


Stainless Steel Studs        £7.95

Gold Plated Studs           £7.95

Jewelled Studs                £9.95

This is for both ears and includes a FREE bottle of aftercare solution

Nothing More To Pay !!


Minimum age 6 years old

We will not pierce any childs ears under 13 without a parent or legal guardian present