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9ct Hambergite Ring

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Stones with a Story

Hambergite is an especially rare and unusual collector's stone. It is a lesser-known gemstone, owing to the rarity of gem-quality occurrences. Hambergite was first discovered and described in 1890 in Vestfold, Norway, by Norwegian geologist and mineralogist W. C. Brogger (1851-1940), and was later named after Swedish explorer, mineralogist and professor of geography, Axel Hamberg (1863-1933)

Hambergite is very valuable in the world of metaphysical and crystal healing. It is considered to be a very powerful vibration gemstone and is believed to provide feelings of euphoria. It is used to help stimulate health awareness, by encouraging the wearer to take better care of their health. Physically, hambergite can alleviate chills and ease pain from heart conditions. It is sometimes used for eating disorders as it believed it can help stabilize body weight. For those with low metabolisms, hambergite can encourage faster metabolization.




An oval faceted hambergite gem stone claw set in a 9ct yellow gold setting with gem stone set shoulders, a 9ct yellow gold shank showing a Birmingham hallmark and DK sponsor mark. 

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